Tomato and pesto tarts

tom tart jpeg

These are a real easy cheat. A fantastic starter and the flavours are amazing. You can of course, make the vegan pesto and the vegan puff pastry but I decided as a mid week easy dish to use this dairy free pesto and this ready rolled vegan friendly puff pastry


1 puff pastry sheet

2 tbsp dairy free pesto

6 salad tomatoes

Salt and pepper

Olive oil (optional)

Salt and pepper

This should make 6


Follow puff pastry packaging instructions for oven temperature (mine said 220C). Cut 6″ circles in the pastry and spread some pesto in the middle, forming a circle of pesto that finishes about 1/2″ or a cm from the edge. You can oil or brush non-dairy milk arounf the edges to help them turn golden when cooking. Slice the tomato thinly and arrange over the pesto, again leaving the border clear. Season lightly. Cook as per puff pasty instructions (mine said 12-15 minutes).

I’d suggest serving with some mixed leaves and a drizzle of a balsamic dressing.



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  1. That looks scrumptious! I just might try this with my whole wheat pie crust, though, since I can’t get a whole wheat version of puff pastry here. But what a terrific appetizer or brunch!

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    1. veganleanne says:

      Thanks! It works well in miniature form as well for canapes. The wholewheat pie crust sounds delicious too.

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  2. Fruity Frank says:

    I can think about anything else than making two of these and putting them on a hard surface, removing my pants and sitting on it. The feel of puff pastry crumbling under my buttock makes me so hungry. Love you , Vegan power!


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