The Guac Stack

Guac stack
It is time for the world to embrace ‘The Guac Stack’.



Well, well, well… What do we have here?

This is what I am referring to as ‘The Guac Stack’. Simply put, it is my spicy bean burgers layered with chunky guacamole. I’ve served it up with steamed cabbage and leek and thrown in some roasted tomatoes in for good measure.

It ticks all my boxes, we have all the veggie goodness a meal needs with an excellent hit of protein in the bean burgers and of course the ‘good fats’ from the avocado. And it feels so indulgent to eat but in reality, it’s a well balanced meal. Obviously wanting to wash it down with a large margarita negates the healthful benefits of such a meal but hey, I’m not perfect!

Check out my bean burger recipe and my Chunky Guacamole post if you want to try this out for yourself.

If you have a go, I’d love to see it on instagram or twitter. Tag me in @veganleanne or #veganleanne.




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