Overnight Oats

overnight oats mixed

This super simple breakfast is perfect for those short on time in the morning and if you use a sealed jar or box, you can take it to eat on the go. I keep this very convenient by using frozen mixed berries. You can substitute the fruit for any you prefer- I think mixed berries works well as they are juicy, flavorful and also look great with the vibrant colours.

Now for the science bit… Oats are often overlooked as a decent source of protein but this breakfast packs an impressive punch with around 13g of protein per serving. About twice the amount from a poached egg on toast without 1.6g saturated fat found in the yolk. And most importantly, it’s not a meal created with cruelty. “Free range organic egg” eaters, please read articles like this.

Add some chia seeds if you want to increase your omega-3 intake.

Serves one 


40g oats

200g cruelty-free yogurt (I used this one as it is low fat and fortified with vitamins and minerals)

1/2 cup mixed frozen berries

1 tsp natural sweetener- optional (I use this 100% natural fruit syrup)


Layer the yogurt, oats and fruit. Drizzle on the sweetener if using.

Make sure you put a layer of yogurt on the bottom and on top as the oats rely on absorbing the yogurt.

Leave over night and give it a good stir in the morning to mix everything up. You might want to just dive in face first, but if you are eating it on the bus, a spoon would be the proper etiquette.



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