The Auld Hoose, Edinburgh


The Auld Hoose website

As a vegan, it is always wise when eating out to do a little research before hand so on a recent break to Edinburgh, I did a cursory google search of “vegan food Edinburgh” and this little beauty of a place came to my attention. My husband has become well acquainted with being dragging off the beaten track, away from tourist hot spots to try and find little gems of a place like this one. The Auld Hoose is located on a street that runs parallel to the main road and although only a minute or two from a busy bus route I imagine there aren’t many passing tourists. This makes me like it more.

One of the lovely things about The Auld Hoose is the fact that it is inclusive of vegans (it does serve meat) and the vegan choices are extensive, including beer. In my opinion, just by having vegan cheese on the premises shows a real commitment to vegan food.

In many ways, this place is ideal for me. It looks and feels a bit more grown up than your average student pub. Although it is most definitely a pub, it is clean and modern. It does not have that dank smelly pub feel. And the jukebox is incredible. I went on a Saturday afternoon, so the music was unintrusive and just provided a bit of atmosphere but it took me back about 15 years to a time of facial piercings, braided hair and baggy trousers.  If you like punk metal, you are in for a treat. Scrolling though Bad Religion, Lars Frederikson and The Bastards, NOFX, Deftones, Pennwise etc. I had a sudden pang of nostalgia and I knew that if I lived in Edinburgh this would swiftly become a second home.


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